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Your best escort ordering guide for finding the sexiest providers online and making it real. The dos and don’ts of adult lifestyle and call girls affairs on Erosescort 

Top Eros Escort Women

Sex positive people do not have any restrictions of old-fashioned times. Ordering escorts today is similar to dating since girls are very neat, well-groomed, often model-looking, and diligent. 

Safe sex is widely practiced in escort agencies and massage parlors. The girlfriend experience service allows to feel at ease and enjoy the process just like you would when meeting a simple girl

To join this fun adult dating community, one just needs to keep up with updated listings and follow ErosEscort. The rest he’ll find out in a process while enjoying the best call girls company. 

Free escort listings in USA

Lots of modern casual sex aggregators are at singles’ and couples’ disposal for their best experiences in a bed. There are specialized listings like RentMen, but mostly diverse ones. 

It is pretty convenient to filter the ads by location, but also by escorts’ gender or main services they provide. What is more precious, all these comfy features come for free. 

  • Escort Babylon. A classical and well known platform designed in Las Vegas style, it unites porn stars, amateur providers, and webcam models from all the West. 
  • Listcrawler. If you want to feel the real adventure, order girls from this world-famous escort aggregator where mostly professionals post their provocative ads. 
  • Tryst. Also known as Tryst.Link or Tryst Escort, the site is a new wave call service. Great design, high quality photos, clear pricing and service list make it special. 
  • DoubleList. Another well-known and commonly used escort site, it keeps things transpared and simple. Especially loved by couples finding a hot extra there. 
  • AdultSearch. Finally, these free escort listings are used for navigation and sharing reports on such respected forums as USASexGuide. Find out why it’s so good. 

These top popular listings even have such unusual search filters as by date or popularity. It helps the viewers be in tune with what others like and order well-checked professionals. 

Erotic massages in SPA listings 

Why would one prefer erotic massages over classical sessions with escorts? It’s simply quicker and cheaper, but happy ending is there. Also, the incall place is semi-official. 

If one is in hurry or too horny to wait, he can ask to keep it short with the back rub and move straight to the point. He might be asked to pay for a full hour, still, ErosEscort warns. 

Many extra pleasures are included to such a quick visit. It is getting clear why busy singles or couples in love choose kinky massage parlors much more frequently than call girls services. 

  1. Mutual touch. This cute service is accompanied with getting naked or at least, moving the girl’s panties aside. It’s alluring and sexy to rub her back during the session. 
  2. Nuru or foam body-to-body. It’s probably the hottest kind of massage ever, and the most ancient as well. Mostly performed by Asian masseuses and grows very common. 
  3. Four hands massage. It’s already relaxing and breathtaking enough to experience on the rest of your body. But four-handed happy ending cannot be compared to anything. 
  4. Full service. Quite rarely in the list, covered full service can still be gotten if you order in advance and pay extra. It requires a really private corner in a parlor. 
  5. Couple service. It’s equally exciting both for just-married and for bored partners who want to add some bright impressions. Chances are high you two will cum at once. 

Plus to these obvious advantages, massage parlors are often neater than incall places, easier to find geographically, have a bigger number of real reviews, they are better scheduled, etc. 

How to order escort for a threesome

Many call girls accept to be unicorns or dominating extras for a couple. All you have to do is to make the right choice from your side. Select a young tiny call girl for a unicorn role, it feels yummier. 

On another hand, a dominatrix is a physically strong and tall woman, either flat or curvy, but she cannot be very young. A true dom has piercing eyes, and likes to wear leather or latex. 

Today, it’s out of fashion to invite an extra basing on their gender. Couples may order a shemale dominatrix or a gay escort personal as well, also a femboy unicorn if they both accept. 

Legal teens: this category is chosen for threesomes most frequently. In older couples, it is accepted that intimacy needs to be refreshed. Both partners may dominate a unicorn. 

BDSM mistress: the easiest way to find a dominatrix is to surf kinky adult sites and BDSM sections of escort listings. Otherwise, this preference can be indicated in any call girl’s ad. 

Submissive escorts: if a person marks in her or his post a submissive role is preferred, you’re lucky. Then a couple receives a real obedient sex toy, and all processes are consensual. 

Switch: an escort personal who identifies as a switch, is the best for threesome. Any role can be played by such a sex worker, not just in threesomes but also in swinger groups and gangs

Building an all-equal threesome is the most challenging. It means, no one is willing to dominate or subordinate much, participants just want to play and get spontaneous in a bed. 

Such a threesome can be problematic for several reasons, not all model-looking call girls list the trio service in their posts. Also, a female partner feels more confident when an extra is submissive. 

Asian escorts on sex listings 

Interracial hookups became a norm and a desirable kink, at the same time, since decades. While Asian QV houses are filled with white European girls, Korean and Filipina chicks serve in USA. 

This phenomenon has biological and historical reasons as well. Asian females are way too passionate by nature. Once they didn’t get married in time or were forced to earn, they choose the sex industry. 

Their conservative environment doesn’t allow them to express their deepest sensual self to the fullest, while western culture is totally open-minded. There are no more taboos against their sexuality. 

  • Petite Asian girls. They are rarely tall or big, which makes them perfect unicorns and teen replacers. They tend to look super youthful and playful even in their 30s. 
  • Asian masseuses. Independently working or serving in kinky SPAs, these skilled and sexy masseuses are ordered a lot. They provide a happy ending and the utmost relax. 
  • Asian ladyboys. This category mostly comes from Thai and the Philippines. Very popular and authentic, ladyboys look really girly and serve BBJ professionally. 

There are much more types to choose from, but what is proved it’s truly Asian diligence and hotness. Who once tried, remains a stable client of those exotic hotties on escort listings. 

Latina escort girls and thots 

As ErosEscort experts say, Latina escorts are filling such popular sections as BBW, shemale, dominatrix, etc. Rarely petite, but on the opposite, curvy and confident, they turned really legendary. 

Latina escort girls are loved for their flexibility, both in financial matters and services list. It is always possible to convince them provide BBFS instead of CFS, and to charge you less than planned. 

  1. GFE service. It’s their favorite, and clients agree the idea is brilliant. If one orders GFE from the same Latina girl often, she may become his FWB and hookup for free
  2. HE massage. Who said Asian escorts are the best for that? Latina women are the next option. They have strong hands, great empathy, and they’re quicker in satisfying you. 
  3. Sugar babies. It’s no secret most escort workers are dreaming of one or several stable sponsors. Well, Latina models are the most trustworthy and make good trophy lovers. 
  4. Urban thots. Each popular neighborhood for nightlife and sex services has its own local celebs. Latina thots make your big city experience hotter and cheaper, too. 

In other words, a Hispanic lover is always your best friend, regardless of their gender, age, or niche they choose in sex. There are discounts, fun events, and the best club invites available. 

Can I date an escort girl 

If escort girls and thots couldn’t be dated, there would be no sex-positive lifestyle or an adult dating definition. We aren’t living in ancient times anymore when each frivolous lady was treated as a witch.

On the opposite, modern escort personals often happen to be well-known bloggers, travellers, journalists, models, and artists. Many are respected and successful parents, spouses, charity volunteers. 

So, of course a sex worker can be dated seriously or married, even if both of you keep combining this relationship with casual affairs. Exactly this is called sex-positivity. 

Porn stars dating: plenty of modern westerners and Europeans are proud and honored to date an erotic celeb. A couple may even produce adult content for PornHub and other sources. 

Webcam model dating: it’s not in fashion at all to get jealous towards your gf if no one touches her in real. Virtual sex isn’t adultery, most men think, and they are right. 

Unicorn dating: young sex personals need extra protection. A husband or a boyfriend can protect them by arranging safe sex encounters, finding more generous clients, and so on. 

As you can see, today, the escort job turns into a family business. There is a very common kink called a hotwife promotion. It barely differs from your escort gf promotion, so keep courage. 

How do I order on escort listings 

Typically, escort ads contain phone numbers. The post itself may include or not the exact price, depending on the aggregator you found it at. But all details can be asked about on a phone. 

Be careful if you’re a newcomer, analyze the ads and phone numbers first. If there are more than two of them in one post, and especially if the weird voice answers, better quit talking. 

A genuine escort girl indicates one main phone number and answers by herself. If the site format allows, she lists precisely her dos and don’ts in a bed, and the pricing range as well. 

  • Choose by shapes. We honestly care more about the girl’s body than her face, as more as they tend to blur the photos. Pick the shapes that would excite you in real. 
  • Age doesn’t matter. If you ask experienced clients, they’ll tell you older escorts perform way better. So, try at least once to order MILFs or mature providers. 
  • Incall and outcall. It’s ok if a girl offers only one of two options. But if she offers both, she is better organized and more professional, specialists say. 
  • HH, FH, and GFE. If you’re shy or limited in time, go straight to the point with QV and HH service. If you like foreplay and romance, go for a girlfriend experience. 

There can be many hints and hookup advice tutorials for ordering escorts. But the most important tip is trusting your gut, as well as re-checking the escort reports available online.

In addition, never underestimate adult dating blogs that are so educative, and helpful. ErosEscort is your best assistant in sex-positive activities and events you could participate in.